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Chute and Tunnel Combo
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Chute and Tunnel Combo

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This Dog Agility Tunnel and Closed Chute is even more fun than the long tunnel!

The lightweight rip-stop nylon chute is 8 foot long, and attaches to the end of a 3 foot fabric tunnel (made of a heavier canvas-like material that resists dog nails) with velcro strips. The tunnel has a 24 inch diameter. The wire rings (in the tunnel) are sewn internally in the lining (nothing will catch on the dog). Setup is done in three easy steps. No tools needed. When it's time to store, the tunnel compressses like a slinky to fit into its own carrying bag, along with the detachable chute and stakes. The whole thing weighs only about 8 lbs!

Training Tips:

Chutes are a part of an obstacle called the "Closed Tunnel", which is comprised of a flat chute attached to a short tunnel-like opening (typically a barrel in competitions). It is a common obstacle used in every level of agility.

This is a dog agility training tool that will provide your pet with hours of fun. It is suitable for backyard practice or small groups only. Our 3 foot closed tunnel comes equipped with a detachable chute that can be a challenging obstacle for your pet to master because he must learn to run through the chute without the benefit of being able to see what’s on the other end. Train your dog to pass the tunnel first. Then attach the chute at minimum length. Keep the exit open so your dog can see the end. When your dog is comfortable with the tunnel and compressed chute, extend the chute to full length. Always keep training activities like this fun and reward your dog.

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