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Economy Adjustable Bar Jump
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Economy Adjustable Bar Jump

Price: $37.95

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An Adjustable Bar Jump is the ideal way to train your dog for agility competition or just jumping in your backyard.

Our lightweight dog agility bar jump is made of safe, durable plastic tubing. Complete with carrying case, it assembles easily and quickly to ensure that you can have a fun day with your pooch, whether in the park, at the beach, or just in your own backyard. It is adjustable from a height of 4 to 36 inches to give your dog maximum jumping options.

Dog agility competitions require training and practice, and the dog agility training manual that comes with this dog agility jump will help you turn your dog into a leaping wonder! If you are looking to get into dog agility competitions, or just want to have some more fun with your dog, the Dog Agility Bar Jump is perfect for you.

The top bar displaces (falls off) if the dog hits it, and the bottom bar is "fixed", allowing you to pick up the jump and move it without the bars falling off. The top bar is adjustable by sliding the 2 jump cups up and down. (The cups are designed according to AKC standards). All of the bars are 48 1/2" wide and come apart in the center for portability (or to make a more narrow jump for use in hallways!). The side bars are 37" high, allowing for a height adjustment from anywhere between 4 inches to 36 inches. This jump uses 1 inch O.D. UV-stabilized, light-weight, furniture-grade plastic. FREE colored tape is included to decorate the jump, and easy instructions for assembly.

This is an excellent jump that is so affordable. We recommend you start out with at least 4!

Training Tip:

This is a basic jump from which all other jumps evolve. It contains a bar for the dog to jump over that "displaces" (i.e. falls off) if the dog hits it. This is important for safety. The bars should not be placed higher than your dog is able to comfortably jump. You'll know if it's too high if your dog keeps knocking the bars down. For simple backyard training, put the bars lower to be safe, especially in the beginning.

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