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Mini Travel Teeter
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Mini Travel Teeter

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Mini Travel Teeter...Ready to use right out of the box!

This cute mini-size seesaw is all about instant fun! It is masterfully designed to quickly break down into 3 pieces, and it can fit into the back of a small car. No tools needed ~ it takes under 30 seconds! Enjoy practicing agility anywhere your imagination takes you, including indoors, parks, and dog shows.

It stands 12 inches high where competition standard is 24 inches, and has a shorter 8 ft long board where competition length is 12 ft. (Recommended for dogs up to 60 lbs.)

Other features include:

  • Weather-proof - Leave outside in any weather!
  • Maintenance-proof - Sturdy plastic boards don't warp or rot!
  • Painted & treated with an anti-slip traction surface.
  • Ships by regular UPS (no high freight charges as with full length boards).
How easy is it to disassemble everything?

Very easy. The base attaches to the board with a bar that goes through the plastic planks. The 3 pieces of the board are attached together with internal connecting pipes, and stay together with clips.

How sturdy is it & will it be okay for my dog?

Because the board is connected in 3 pieces, it does have some slight "flex" at the joining creases when weight is applied to it. (We recommend a 60 lb max weight load on the board even though we had a 100 lb child walk back and forth on it repeatedly without it breaking.) Because it flexes a little, it has more of a dainty "pat" when the board hits the ground.  It is a short teeter, only 12 inch high (as compared to a 24 inch competition teeter), a 10 inch wide board (compared to a 12 inch competition width), and an 8 ft long board (compared to a 12 ft competition board). So basically it doesn't have as steep an angle, nor the slam (noise) that a regular competition board makes. For these reasons it is not recommended as the primary teeter of choice for those serious in the sport, because it doesn't really give the dog the feel of controlling a big teeter. It is fine for a day of agility fun, small dogs who feel safer on a board lower to the ground or young dogs just learning to navigate a board.

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