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Practice PVC Weave Set (6)
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Practice PVC Weave Set (6)

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Whether you are interested in agility competitions or just looking to give your pet exercise and fun, this set of 6 Practice Weave Polls will enhance your dog training and have your dog easily zipping and zagging through any dog agility course you set up. They can be used indoors or out.

Agility trainers agree....The weaves are the hardest for your dog to master, so it is essential to have a set at home. The poles are 36 inches tall and evenly spaced apart at a standard distance of 24 inch (same distance used for all size dogs). Comes with free decorative tape for the poles, and easy assembly instructions. Receive a connector piece with each set of 6 Weave Poles that will enable you to make a set of 12 Weave Poles.

Optional: Add-on Wire Guides can help with training beginner dogs. They clip onto the poles to provide a pathway for your dog to weave. As your dog progresses, simply slide the wires higher out of your dog's line of sight, and eventually you can remove them.

Training Tip:

The weave poles consist of 6 upright poles (for starters) that a dog must weave in and out of. This obstacle is the most fun to watch on T.V. or in competitions, because the dogs seem so eager and fast to run through them. It takes slow and consistent training to get them to be so fast (big rewards on the other end!) Even if you take a training class, every trainer recommends having a set at home. Practice just 5 minutes each day and you'll be soon on your way to an impressive weaving dog!

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