WalkyDog Bike Leash
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WalkyDog Bike Leash

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Finally: a sturdy bicycle dog leash that attaches to the frame of your bike!

The WalkyDog bike leash was originally created in Italy to help maintain fitness and endurance for dogs. It has since gained popularity worldwide and is used by professional dog trainers as well as everyday dog owners. Read what one Italian veterinarian has to say about the WalkyDog...

What are the benefits of using the WalkyDog vs. just walking your dog?

It takes a long time to properly exercise an active dog. Walking your pet is great when there is ample time and you aren't too tired, but it's also nice to have the alternate choice of biking with your dog when you don't feel like walking far enough or fast enough for the dog to benefit from the exercise. (Certain breeds, especially the sporting breeds, require much more exercise than they can get from a mere walk.) Most dogs love the WalkyDog and find it very envigorating. Including it as part of your pet's exercise routine can result in a happy contented dog.

Tell me about the WalkyDog Bike Leash:

• WalkyDog ensures the full safety of the biker-bike-dog ratio at every moment while riding

• Allows the biker to safely indicate a change of direction, since no hand is tied up holding the dog

• A bicycle dog jogger that allows both the biker and the dog to train together, keeping both fit

• Can easily be disconnected from the bike in less than one second, when you are using your bike without your dog

• Can be transformed into a damped leash in practically no time, allowing a biker to control his dog even when he gets off the bike

• Can be installed on any mountain or city bike with a standard seatpost of 3 1/4" to 4" in less than 5 minutes using simple tools

• Can be easily moved from one bike to another

• Requires very little training for either the biker or the dog...usually just an introductory walk down the street, making a couple of turns, and then back again

• WalkyDog weighs only 16 oz. and yet is very sturdy

• WalkyDog can be used on all types of terrain, both on and off-road, always keeping your driving safety unchanged

• In case of an accident, Walkydog ensures that the dog will not detach from the bike and wander out into traffic

What makes the WalkyDog safer than holding a normal leash while biking?

Because the WalkyDog attaches securely to the seat post of your bike, you are able to keep both hands on the handlebars where they belong. The WalkyDog has a patented internal shock absorbing system that severely reduces the pull from your pet and quickly corrects the dog if he tries darting out to the side. The WalkyDog is also designed in such a way that your dog is deterred from trying to run too far ahead or get too close to your tires, and it keeps him close enough to your bike that you do not take up too wide a space on the road or trail.

Who can use the WalkyDog?

Any adult that is comfortable riding a bicycle can use a WalkyDog Bike Leash. (It should NOT be used by children, women who are pregnant, or by people riding with a child in a booster seat. Accidents can happen even under the best of circumstances, and we want this to be the safest and most enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.)

The WalkyDog was designed for use with medium to large size dogs. It is not recommended for small dogs who could find it difficult to keep up with the pace of a bike, or dogs under one year of age whose bones and ligaments are still developing.

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